Game Of Thrones Season 7 Recap: Everything You Need To Know For Season 8

We only have one season of Game of Thrones left! Refresh your memory with this full recap of season 7 recap. Beware of spoilers!

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Beginner’s Tips

Tips To Survive

Divinity Original Sin II is a difficult game that eagerly punishes your mistakes in combat or even when talking to NPCs. With so many factors to consider as you explore, it can be tough to survive. To help newcomers to the series, we’ve gathered nine tips to know before you set off to Fort Joy, and into the world of Rivellon.

Be sure to check GameSpot often for our full review of Divinity: Original Sin II. The game is out now for PC, but it’s been in Steam Early Access for almost a year. It’s the sequel to our 2014 PC Game of the Year, Divinity: Original Sin, and it netted over $2 million from 40,000 fans on Kickstarter. It features over 1,200 characters, all of them fully voice-acted.

First Timers Should Pick a Default Class

If this is your first time playing, pick one of the Divinity’s default classes. The game gives you a great amount of freedom in custom class creation, but it’s also easy to mess up and create a character with a bad skill set if you don’t know what you’re doing. While there’s a way to reroll your character later on, your early adventures will still be unnecessarily difficult if you make poor skill choices. Your safest bet is also to play with an Origin character, rather than a custom one, in order to get the benefit of playing through their story.

Be Wary of Playing as a Skeleton

Be careful if you want to role-play as a skeleton. While it’s awesome from a narrative standpoint, it makes the game significantly tougher. Healing potions and spells hurt you, and you need to use poison to regain health. (If you do opt to be a skeleton, keep in mind that you can heal by having a party member deal poison damage to you.) In addition, friendly NPCs aren’t used to the idea of a walking, talking skeleton, which means you have to wear a hood or shapeshift into a more normal form if you don’t want to get attacked. The skeleton race is more satisfying to play for experienced players.

Save Often

We’ll repeat that headline above: save often. Divinity is a challenging game; show that F5 key some love and make a liberal number of quick saves. Quick save before entering a new area, during combat, or in the middle of conversations. Some areas you explore contain hidden enemies that can ambush you. During combat, even when it seems like you’re winning, the enemy can make an unexpected (and unfortunate) comeback. And conversations can go sideways in an instant, resulting in the person you were amiably chatting with suddenly hurling fireballs at you. Quick save as often as you can; you never know when your good intentions might wind you up in a terrible situation.

Acquire the Pet Pal Perk

When you’re creating a character, you get the option to choose from a list of perks. What’s most beneficial is largely dependent on the kind of character you want to make. But for first-timers, it’s highly recommended to choose the Pet Pal perk, which allows you to talk to animals. The ability to communicate with beasts can often make your life easier, as it allows you to avoid tricky areas and uncover hidden secrets. For example, rats dwelling in dungeons and sewers can warn you about traps and ambushes hidden in the darkness. While Pet Pal takes up a perk slot, it’s worth it. However, it’s important to note that an early party member you meet also has the perk, so if you’re planning to have them in your group, acquiring Pet Pal may be worth it.

Save Your Resurrection Scrolls

During the course of a 30-40 minute fight, your characters might go down a number of times, but being even one member down can make things significantly more difficult. Dead characters don’t automatically return to life–when a character dies, the only way to bring them back is by using a Resurrection Scroll. This useful item can be hard to come by, but it’s capable of quickly turning a tough battle around or bringing your party back to full strength. Make sure that every member of your party is carrying at least one at all times, and consider loading an early save and trying to avoid death if possible.

Manage Your Party

It’s important to stay healthy in the world of Rivellon; danger is around every corner. When you gain new party members, they’ll give you the option to manage their perks and abilities. While it’s important to take a healer with you to keep your party topped up in combat, make sure to round out your other members with more exploration-focused perks, especially with the myriad traps, ambushes, poison plants, fires, and exploding vents that you’ll come across during your journey.

Methodical Healer

Potions are good go-to healing items when trying to replenish health quickly, but it’s best to save them exclusively for battle. When you’re outside of battle, eat food instead, as some have bonus status effects that might help you. You can also use your party members’ healing spells, provided you’re patient enough to sit through their respective cooldowns.

However, the best way to heal out of combat is by using a bedroll. The ship that you start the game on has a few lying around, so make sure to take them all. When you use a bedroll, it fully refills your party’s health, while also giving them the Rested status effect. Bedrolls are valuable items that you should always keep an eye out for when out in the world or when you’re talking to traders.

Learn Your Spell Combos

A major part of Divinity: Original Sin II is your command over the elements. Take time to experiment with spells, abilities, and the environment, so you understand how to gain the upper hand during a battle.

Most abilities create some kind of effect, especially if you have specialist spell casters, like Pyromancers or Aeromancers. For example, water can be electrified, oil can be set ablaze, and fires can be turned to steam to block an enemy’s sight.

Much of this knowledge comes from experience and experimentation, so don’t be afraid to leverage quick saves and play around with your options. Before you know it, you’ll be chaining crazy elemental reactions and creating cursed clouds of doomed blood that shoot lightning.

Having Trouble? Try Out Explorer Mode

Divinity: Original Sin II’s world is dense, massive, and full of crazy things to discover. But if you find that the tricky combat system is what’s preventing you from experiencing these things, then don’t be afraid to turn the difficulty down to Explorer mode.

Classic mode can often be brutally difficult; however, Explorer mode puts the focus on navigating the world and talking to characters, discovering new details as you go. And once you feel more comfortable taking on combat, you can always switch back to Classic mode for a nice challenge.

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What To Watch (And Skip) On TV This Week

It’s a brand-new week during the fall TV season, and that means a whole bunch of fresh television seasons and series. Figuring out what shows are good and bad can be a huge time investment, so we’ve gone over this past week’s shows and summed up our thoughts on them.

Over the course of the next couple of months, we’ll be looking at a selection of new and returning shows and giving you a quick breakdown of what is worth watching and what you should pass on. This week, we’re talking about Vice Principals, Channel Zero, Gotham, and Fuller House.

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Vice Principals

Neal Gamby is back and recovering from last season, when he was shot in the parking lot of the school. Now on the mend, he returns to North Jackson High School. He finds Lee Russell is now principal, and there have been a ton of changes, including the school’s mascot. Gamby goes on a mission to find out who shot him, while adjusting to returning to work.

As far as season premieres go, this one was top notch. Last season ended on a sad note, with one of the main characters being shot, but Vice Principals gets right back to its comedic roots, even if its characters can be sinister and completely despicable. Early on in the episode, Gamby’s over-dramatic recovery is wildly funny, especially when he’s riding a chairlift to get up the stairs. Overall, it’s a solid episode that does a fantastic job at setting up the tone and stories for the season. As far as absurdist dark comedies go, Vice Principals is one of the best.

Is It Worth Watching?: If you enjoyed Eastbound & Down or the work of Danny McBride, this show will become one of your favorites of the fall season.

Vice Principals airs on Sundays at 10:30 PM on HBO.

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Channel Zero

The Syfy horror anthology series is back. This season, Channel Zero adapts the creepypasta “No-End House.” The television version of the story follows Margot, a young woman dealing with her father’s death, a year after his passing. She and a group of friends heads to No-End House, which is seemingly a haunted house with six rooms. However, the rooms get more terrifying and more personal as they venture through the house.

The first episode follows the original story exceptionally well, with a couple small liberties. While the show has a slow pace–which only adds to the horror–it doesn’t make the audience wait to get inside the No-End House. It delivers the subject matter in a quick manner, all while doing an excellent job at defining this season’s characters, even the ones who don’t appear much on screen during the premiere episode. It improves on all the flaws from the first season–like delivering a more simplistic, easily digestible story and creating empathetic characters right out of the gate–and amps up the horror to create an engaging, yet unsettling, premiere.

Is It Worth Watching?: Without a doubt, Channel Zero will be a sleeper hit this year. It’s deeply haunting, without entirely relying on jump scares. “No-End House” blows the first season out of the water.

Channel Zero airs on Wednesdays at 9 PM on Syfy.

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The fourth season of Fox’s show is a chaotic mess. The slapstick plot follows Penguin, who is in charge of all crime in Gotham City and hands out licenses to commit crime; no, that’s not a joke. Meanwhile, the GCPD are totally cool with it because overall crime is down. Bruce Wayne is in full-on vigilante mode, working to uncover Penguin’s plot while a group of criminals without licenses have Dr Crane’s fear formula and are terrorizing the city.

This episode was madness. There was so much going on, but at least the supervillains in flashy costumes (Mr. Freeze and Riddler) were gone, meaning the unwatchable campiness from last season was almost entirely absent from the premiere. Don’t worry, it was still bonkers even without the costumes. The story is mind-boggling and involves huge jumps in suspension of disbelief to navigate. That being said, it was actually a ton of fun. I may have been having a laugh or two at the show’s expense, but I found myself really enjoying it, in the same way that I enjoy the live-action Batman series from 1966. Gotham has a level of fun to it despite presenting itself as a dark and brooding series.

Is It Worth Watching?: Gotham is the car wreck you can’t turn away from. If you’re looking for something a bit silly and over-the-top, you may find something to enjoy in this onslaught of insanity. Gotham feels more like Schumacher’s Batman series than Nolan’s at this point, but I can’t stop watching. It’s not good, but it’s not entirely ignorable.

Gotham airs on Thursdays at 8 PM on Fox.

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Fuller House

Oh boy. It’s summertime, which means tons of free time for the kids in the Tanner household, except for Jackson, who has to go to summer school because of his low grades. Meanwhile, Jimmy and Stephanie find out that Kimmy’s husband, Fernando, may be cheating on her. All of this is surrounded by canned laughter, applause, and the occasional quick cut to a baby being cute.

Understandably, you may be wondering why I even watched Fuller House to begin with. Nostalgia is a powerful motivator, even when you know going in that what you’re about to watch will be bad. While the original network series wasn’t a laugh riot, it had its moments–unlike the Season 3 opener for Fuller House. It’s painfully slow and unfunny, and its writing is stuck in the early ’90s, which does not play well today. There are plenty of shows that “aren’t for me,” but Fuller House is barely suitable for kids.

Is It Worth Watching?: No. Even if you’re the type of person who falls into the nostalgia trap, this won’t satisfy you on any level. Getting through the opening musical number was excruciating.

All three seasons of Fuller House are available on Netflix.

Come back next week when we’re talking about Star Trek: Discovery, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Nathan For You, and Marvel’s Inhumans.

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The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Key Giveaway (PC)

We’re giving away 2,500 closed beta keys to The Amazing Eternals on PC.

Entry is open Worldwide. Your closed beta key will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Enter below (the additional entries are optional):

About The Amazing Eternals:

The Amazing Eternals is a new free-to-play competitive hero shooter from Digital Extremes, the studio behind Warframe. Players have the ability to construct and customize decks from sets of cards unique to each Eternal before each match. This offers players an additional layer of strategy and customization. These cards can give players powerful passive buffs, upgrades to their abilities, even devastating weapons that can turn the tide of battle in key moments.

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Now Finished, Director Confirms

Star Wars: The Last Jedi has completed post-production. Director Rian Johnson has confirmed that the latest movie in the blockbuster franchise is now finished, ahead of its December release.

Johnson announced the news with an Instagram selfie, in which he featured some of the post-production crew (and the top of his head). Check it out below:

Even though The Last Jedi is less than three months away from release, to date, only one short trailer has appeared. Earlier this week Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill tweeted a potential release date for the next trailer, before quickly deleting it. Hamill replied to a fan who asked when he could see the new Last Jedi trailer: “Watch Monday Night Football on Monday October 9th–for no reason in particular.” Check out a screenshot of it over at Star Wars News.

The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15. It also stars Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson, Anthony Daniels, and Andy Serkis. While we are yet to see any new footage from the film, there have been a number of vehicles and characters revealed, including these cool First Order vehicles, and this new droid, which resembles an evil BB-8.

In related news, it was announced last week that Force Awakens director JJ Abrams will return to the franchise to direct Episode IX, replacing Colin Trevorrow. The movie has also been delayed by seven months and will now hit theaters on December 20, 2019.

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New Dragon Ball Fighter Z And Other Namco Trailers From TGS

The Tokyo Game Show is happening this weekend, and while the biggest draw might be the cosplay, the other big thing to look forward to are new game trailers. And of course, Namco Bandai are going to deliver. Here are three new trailers released by the publisher during the show. And in case you missed it, we also have a full roundup of all the Sony announcements from earlier this week. Although it doesn’t have a presence at the show, Nintendo went ahead and had a Nintendo Direct video presentation last week detailing its remaining 2017 lineup.

First up is Dragon Ball FighterZ and it reveals the first in-game look at the mysterious Android 21, a new character created specifically for the game.

If you’re looking for a Dark Souls like challenge, the vampire-themed Code Vein will not have any easier difficulty settings. While we know the game is coming in 2018, the trailer above only raises new questions: “Who is the queen? What is the Red Mist? Why do the Revenant continue to fight and feed?”

Despite the “online” moniker, Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet isn’t an MMO. Instead this action RPG is based on the anime of the same name. From the trailer description: “Experience an all new story with original characters Kureha and Zeliska, uncover the mysteries of the ArFA-sys, and become the hero with the all new character customization features! With multiple skills and appearances at your disposal, you can control your own future. You are now the hero, and your choice is faster and heavier than a bullet.”

We also have a crew reporting live from Tokyo all weekend, so check out the main site for even more TGS-related content on the way.

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Cosplay From Tokyo Game Show 2017: Final Fantasy, Persona, And More!

Cosplay From Tokyo Game Show 2017

The sheer amount of amazing cosplay at Tokyo Game Show is unlike any other convention in the world. Here’s a just a glimpse of the great costumes we saw while touring the show floor! Obviously, we have to start with this suave dude: Mr. Poke Ball Head. He pulled the plush Pikachu out from under his helmet!

Be sure to check out our other galleries too:

Big And Bizzare – Tokyo Game Show 2017 Photo Tour


Overwatch cosplay is big in the West, and it’s big in Japan too. D.Va costumes are always a crowd pleaser.

NieR: Automata

2B or not 2B? Haha. Bet no-one’s ever thought of that joke before.

Final Fantasy XV

Who loves Final Fantasy XV? Well, just about everyone by the looks of things. This Cindy and Noctis pair looked great, but were definitely not without doppelgangers.

Final Fantasy XV

This Gladiolus was genuinely surprised when we asked him for a picture. He shouldn’t have been, because he looked awesome.

Persona 5

Even though this Casual Joker has obviously picked the wrong waifu, he and Futaba still looked like they belonged together.


At one point all the Persona 4 cosplayers gathered together to pose. You can’t see them, but there were about five other Yosukes, which means it must have been pretty friggen’ annoying up there.

Persona 5

We saw a couple of people dressed as Ann Takamaki, but this costume was the most impressive.

Hot Mario

This Mario was a very nice guy, and he got a lot of attention.

No nipples though, strangely. He’d never make it in The West.

Cloud + Chocobo

Alright so this kid was adorable. You could hear all the cries of “kawaiii~!” around him. His dad was so proud.

Final Fantasy VII

This Cid stayed in character even when people weren’t taking photos of him.

(No, he wasn’t baby Cloud’s dad)


Here’s Elizabeth from Persona 3’s Velvet Room.

She’s still the best Velvet Room attendant and you know it.

Final Fantasy XV

Noctis, Noctis everywhere! This was actually the only male Noctis we ran into.

Resident Evil

This crew went old-school–It’s Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, and Rebecca Chambers from the original Resident Evil.

Publisher Cosplay – Monster Hunter: World

Let’s duck back into the halls for a little bit and take a look at some of the cosplayers that game companies had hired to hang out at their booth.

This Monster Hunter duo was great, and their costumes were perfect replicas.

Publisher Cosplay – World of Tanks

A world of thanks to World of Tanks. I don’t know what country dresses their Armor Divisions in this uniform, but if you know I’d love to hear from you.

Publisher Cosplay – Phantasy Star Online 2

Can you believe this game still hasn’t made it to the West? Here’s a look at some of the intricate armor their cosplayers were exhibiting.

Publisher Cosplay – Phantasy Star Online 2

And here’s another. This one’s orange!


Okay, back to the fans. We can always appreciate some Earthbound cosplay. This cosplayer was probably about the same height has Ness would be in real life, so that’s pretty handy.


Say hello to this .hack crew! Featuring special guest: Hatsune Miku

King of Fighters

This cosplayer is dressed as everyone’s favourite S-Tier King of Fighters character, Leona from Team Ikari.

There was a Clark floating around too, but he was a bit of a jerk.

Final Fantasy

This Final Fantasy VII crew was on-point. Unfortunately, Final Fantasy VI is still the better game.


Okay, I gotta be honest. I don’t know who this character is but the costume is great. If you know, tell me in the comments! I wanna say he’s a Dragon Quest boss or something?

Pokemon: Team Skull

Wow, look at this group of jerks trying to steal Pokemon from little kids.

Just kidding, these guys were cool and had all just met. Criminal bonding for the win.


Looks like at least one person living in Japan thinks Reaper is cool.

Reaper isn’t cool, everybody.

Final Fantasy X

Hey, it’s Wakka! Hands down the best character in Final Fantasy X, and hands-down the cosplayer with the nicest smile.

Final Fantasy

One more shot of the kid dressed as Cloud riding a chocobo. He’s going to grow up to be something great, I can tell.

Street Fighter

This Bison’s evil grin is on-point.


STAY FRESH! There were a couple of Squid Girls roaming around, but there definitely needed to be more.


What the hell is Michael Bay’s Megatron doing in Tokyo? Get back to the dark side of the moon or wherever it is you came from!

Persona 5

Here’s another shot of the Takamaki from before with her partner in crime, dressed as Joker. These two were great!

Street Fighter

The whole crew is back together! And they’re not beating each other up!

Street Fighter


Something something Minecraft?

Sometimes, you just need to wing these things. Original costumes are great too!

That’s it for all the cosplay we saw at Tokyo Game Show 2017. For more on this unique show, be sure to check out our other galleries!

Big And Bizzare – Tokyo Game Show 2017 Photo Tour

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