GS News – Division Game-Breaking Bug Getting Fix; Uncharted 4 Ending Will Cause Arguments!

The Resident Evil 2 remake will attempt to capture the spirit of the original, and Uncharted 4’s game director says the ending will be ‘divisive.’

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Essential Comics This Week

Each Wednesday is new comic day and determining which titles are worth checking out can be a daunting task, especially if you’re trying to keep your spending under a certain limit. We’ve gone through the list of new releases to help you decide which books you need to read on Wednesday, April 6.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #2

Published by BOOM! Studios

Written by Kyle Higgins

Art by Hendry Prasetya

Comics based on popular television franchises tend to a bit of a miss in many cases. However, the new Power Rangers series from BOOM! Studios had an opening issue that embraced everything that was awesome about martial arts team. The series takes place after the Green Ranger, who was originally created by Rita Repulsa, has been defeated by the other Power Rangers and ends up joining the team. Writer Kyle Higgins is expanding upon a story that needs to be told. Issue #1 felt like a labor of love, and Higgins and Presetya delivered one awesome opening issue.

Unfollow #6

Published by Vertigo

Written by Rob Williams

Art by R.M. Guera

When Vertigo Comics revamped itself last year, Unfollow quickly because one of the best new series in the publisher’s new slate of books. Rob Williams and Mike Dowling’s new series mixes mystery, murder, and social media obsession flawlessly. Now that the first act is over and the stage is set, issue #6 will feature artist R.M. Guera and the story will focus on one of the crazier characters in this universe: Deacon, who is armed to the teeth and on a mission from God. If you’re looking for a comic that’s a bit more grounded and darker in tone, this is a must read.

Bloodlines #1

Published by DC Comics

Written by J.T. Krul

Art by V Kenneth Marion

When DC Comics announced Bloodlines, many comic fans were left scratching their head, since they haven’t heard hide nor hair from the ’90s action series in two decades. What’s great about this team’s resurgence is that writer J.T. Krul is leading the way, and when we talked to Krul at WonderCon, he laid out some of his plans, and the series sounds like it’s going to be a ton of fun.

Justice League Darkseid War Special #1

Published by DC Comics

Written by Geoff Johns

Art by Oscar Jimenez

Darkseid War is an event done right. It doesn’t interrupt the flow of other books at the company, since the story is happening in its own little pocket of the DCU. It’s a huge story and one that contains everything awesome about DC comics. This is going to be a big issue as Grail will be revealing more about her involvement in this giant war. Oscar Jimenez is jumping on for art duties, which will be really interesting, since we haven’t seen him on a Justice League book in almost 20 years.

Grizzly Shark #1

Published by Image Comics

Written by Ryan Ottley

Art by Ryan Ottley, Ivan Plascencia

While this black and white series is now considered a cult classic, we never got to read the original. However, Ryan Ottley’s art on the Image series Invincible is brutal and beautiful, so we’re pretty excited to see what this book is all about. In addition, Ivan Plascencia is doing the colorwork, so that’s a plus. Let’s just be honest: We’re recommending this book because the title is awesome.

The Fix #1

Published by Image Comics

Written by Nick Spencer

Art by Steve Lieber

The creative team behind The Superior Foes of Spider-Man, one of Marvel’s most talked-about series, Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber are back together again for a new book at Image called The Fix. It’s a tale of crime and comedy, and we got an early look at the first issue. It’s some of Lieber’s best work yet. While there isn’t a disembodied head on an RC car, the book does have a dog named Pretzels. If you loved Superior Foes, this is a must-have on your comic shop’s pull list.

Black Panther #1

Published by Marvel

Written by Ta-Nehisi Coates

Art by Brian Stelfreeze

It’s about time there’s a new comic starring Black Panther, especially considering he’s coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in May when he appears in Captain America: Civil War. Now, writer Ta-Nehisi Coates pens the new series, with art from Brian Stelfreeze, and the book takes Black Panther back to Wakanda, where he is king. It’ll be interesting to see what Coates has up his sleeve for the character, and if you’re at all interested in his role in Civil War, check this book out for more insight into who this character is.

Spider-Man #3

Published by Marvel

Written by Brian Michael Bendis

Art by Sara Pichelli

It’s good to have Miles Morales out of the Ultimate Universe and part of the main Marvel Universe now. While Miles has to fight villains as Spider-Man, there’s one person he’s come up against that he wasn’t planning on: his grandmother. What makes this Spider-Man series so much more interesting than the others is the fact that Spider-Man is young again and dealing with the same problems we’ve all faced, including balancing family and being a hero.

Vision #6

Published by Marvel

Written by Tom King

Art by Gabriel Hernandez Walta

Vision is unlike any other book at Marvel right now. It’s not a superhero book. It’s a character study that is dark, without being brooding. Gabriel Walta’s artwork is haunting and completely fitting for the tone of the series, and the comic features one of the best colorists working today, Jordie Bellaire. Vision is trying his best to live his life like any other human, but as we’ve seen in previous issues, family life for this android is not that simple.

Star Wars: Poe Dameron #1

Published by Marvel

Written by Charles Soule

Art by Phil Noto

The new Poe Dameron ongoing comic is a direct lead-in to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Poe Dameron is sent on a mission by General Organa to investigate a historical site with ties to the Force. The team of Phil Noto and Charles Soule will have a lot to work with here, and there’s no team comic book readers would rather see more working on this series.

Empress #1

Published by Marvel/Icon

Written by Mark Millar

Art by Stuart Immonen

Mark Millar is back at Icon. In the past, he’s created series like Kick-Ass and now, he and Stuart Immonen are teaming up to tell the story of a woman trying to escape her husband, a feared dictator throughout the universe. Millar has been putting out some excellent work at Image over the past year, so we’re excited to see what he’s got up his sleeve for this newest book.

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EA Pulls Down Donald Trump/Mass Effect Video, BioWare Dev Speaks Out

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump tweets quite frequently, but his messages don’t usually relate to video games. Today, one of his did–and it didn’t go over well. He posted a fan-made video on Twitter that featured voiceover from 2010’s Mass Effect 2‘s Illusive Man (performed by Martin Sheen), specifically the part where he says, “We’re at war” and other dramatic things that make sense in the context of the game.

Publisher Electronic Arts took action against this video, removing it from YouTube and later from Twitter on copyright claims. It’s company policy that its assets are not used for political gain.

“The video was an unauthorized use of our IP,” a senior communications representative for EA told GameSpot today. “We do not support our assets being used in political campaigns.”

The video, titled “Trump Effect,” contained video of other politicians, including president Barack Obama, as well as Hillary Clinton and Ben Carson. Voiceover from Trump is also featured, while Sheen’s Illusive Man narration explains that, taken out of context, Trump “might be all that stands between humanity and the greatest threat of our brief existence.”

Mass Effect game designer Manveer Heir spoke out against the video, saying it’s “gross.” He also pointed out that Trump may not have considered or didn’t care that Illusive Man is considered a bad guy.

The next Mass Effect game is Mass Effect Andromeda. Just recently, what is believed to be prototype footage emerged, showcasing a new jetpack ability, among other things.

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Heroes of the Storm Event Lets You Play Any Character, Earn Bonus XP

To celebrate the upcoming finals of the ongoing Heroes of the Dorm tournament, Blizzard today announced plans for two special in-game events for Heroes of the Storm.

Both of these kick off on Friday, April 8, at 10 AM PDT in all regions. Blizzard will offer free access to every character in the game–there are now 50, following last week’s release of Dehaka–and players will earn 50 percent extra experience with every game they play.

These events have different end dates. All heroes will be unlocked only for three days, with the access going away on April 11 at 10 AM. The experience bonus lasts until April 18 at 10 AM.

Heroes of the Storm, unlike a game such as Dota 2, offers a limited rotation of free characters each week. Depending on how much you’ve played, you have access to anywhere from six to 10 characters during a given week in addition to any you’ve purchased (either with real-world money or gold earned by playing).

The Heroes of the Dorm finals take place this weekend, April 9-10. Things start with the Heroic Four at 5 PM PDT, followed by the finals on April 10. You can see the full schedule on the tournament’s official website.

Coinciding with this past weekend’s action, Blizzard revealed Heroes of the Storm’s next character, Tracer. She’s the first character to be added from Blizzard’s upcoming shooter Overwatch, and she looks to be quite unusual.

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The First VR Talk Show Is Awkward And Amazing

The first episode of The Foo Show, a virtual reality-based talk show hosted by Tested’s Will Smith, begins with a trio of gawky avatars sitting around discussing the game Firewatch. Then they step inside, and it’s pretty magical.

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