Every Filter in Uncharted 4 And How to Unlock Them

Filtering the Uncharted Experience

Like its predecessors, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End features an assortment of filters you can enable to alter its visuals. From one that adds a cel shaded style to the game’s graphics to another that makes everything appear 8-bit, there are a multitude of filters you can turn on to change up the Uncharted experience. We’ve compiled them all here for your convenience. Otherwise, click ahead to see each filter here and how to unlock them.

If you want to see the filters in action, check out our gameplay footage showing them off.

How to Unlock and Enable Filters

To access filters, pause the game and select Render Modes from the Bonus option screen. You can then purchase any filter you want using Unlock Points, which you earn by collecting treasure in the environment or by reaching specific moments in the single-player campaign. Each filter costs a set number of points; you can find how much each one is in the slides ahead. Once you’ve purchased a filter, select it to enable its effects.

Cel Shaded

Cost: 5 Unlock Points


Cost: 5 Unlock Points

Rainbow Fun Land

Cost: 5 Unlock Points


Cost: 5 Unlock Points

Chalk Dust

Cost: 5 Unlock Points


Cost: 5 Unlock Points

Negative Land

Cost: 5 Unlock Points

Thief Vision

Cost: 5 Unlock Points

ASC II Mosaic

Cost: 5 Unlock Points

Black and White

Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point


Cost: 1 Unlock Point

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The challenge of developing for community: A World of Warcraft dev explains

A new post by Blizzard developer Ion Hazzikostas does a great job of explaining exactly what it means to cater to a huge, diverse audience of players with a game like World of Warcraft. …

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HBO Accused Of Trying To Censor Game Of Thrones Spoilers

HBO Accused Of Trying To Censor Game Of Thrones Spoilers

HBO has been going after Game of Thrones pirates for years now, but this week things took a turn for the weird when the creator of a popular series of YouTube videos—claiming to air spoilers for the show before it airs—was hit with copyright takedown notices.


Frikidoctor, who (via TorrentFreak) claims to have inside sources that tell him story points before an episode hits TV screens, says that some of his videos—which are mostly in Spanish—have been removed from YouTube because of copyright claims by HBO.

Some older videos did indeed feature small snippets of footage from stuff like trailers, which HBO might have been able to complain about on a technicality, but his latest clip was nothing but Frikidoctor wearing a Mexican wrestling mask and talking about the story. Yet it too was taken down.

Having wondered whether it was now illegal to discuss spoilers in the United States, Frikidoctor is now going to appeal the decision, and maybe get a lawyer to help out, too.


from Kotaku http://kotaku.com/hbo-accused-of-trying-to-censor-game-of-thrones-spoiler-1775648826

Popular Counter-Strike Streamer Fails Hilariously At Pro Event, Becomes Meme

Popular Counter-Strike Streamer Fails Hilariously At Pro Event, Becomes Meme

Jaryd “summit1g” Lazar is one of the most popular Counter-Strike streamers, with more than 1.3 million followers. Over the weekend, he subbed for a pro team. It did not end well.

Summit was subbing for a member of Splyce, a not particularly accomplished American team. He’s competed before, but it’s not his main claim to fame these days. Dreamhack Austin’s CSGO tournament wasn’t a Major, but it’s not like pros were playing for chump change. With $250,000 on the line, heavy hitters like Luminosity, Tempo Storm, and Cloud9 laid it all (or at least a fair amount of It) on the line.

After losing to eventual tournament winners Luminosity, Splyce found themselves pitted against Counter Logic Gaming, one of the better American teams in the sport. Surprisingly, they held their own, taking 15 rounds to CLG’s 11 (via PCGamesN).

Then things took a turn for the [sad trombone sound]. Summit got a clutch kill, eliminating the last member of CLG. It was a huge moment. All he had to do to snag the round and the game was disarm the bomb.


There was just one problem: Summit had thrown a molotov to flush out his opponent, and he managed to obliviously walk right into the flames on his way to the bomb. He died after the commentators had already declared Splyce the winner, after people started celebrating.

“No! What happened?” asked one of the commentators. Then everyone watched the replay. “OH NOOOO. SUMMIT!” he shouted, moments later. “That is heartbreaking,” said the other.

Splyce ultimately ended up in overtime, lost the game, lost another entire game, and lost the whole match 2-0. Counter-Strike players have already taken to naming that part of the map after Summit and using his name as a callout (ala “A,” “B,” etc). The memes have not been kind to him. Not even a little bit.

Summit apologized for his screw-up:


He’s been able to have a good laugh about it, too:



All’s well that ends well. Kinda. If nothing else, let this serve as a cautionary tale: Defuse first, then—and only then—should you celebrate.

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GS News – Uncharted 4 a “Technical Powerhouse”; Super Mario Coming To Minecraft!

Capcom are planning a “full scale offensive” for Resident Evil this year, and a new analysis praises Uncharted 4’s technical performance.

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Get a job: Aardman Animations is looking for a Creative Director

“We’re looking for an exceptional person with mind-warping ideas. You’ll likely be into telling stories, playing games, and making kids giggle.” …

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