How audio and visual effects sell combat in The Signal From Tölva

Founder of studio Big Robot Jim Rossignol discusses how bright visual effects and sci-fi sound clips contributed to enhancing how it feels to shoot guns in The Signal From Tölva.  …

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The Next EA Access Free Game On Xbox One Revealed, Is Out Now

EA’s Xbox One digital subscription service EA Access has added another game to its “Vault” of freebies. The newest addition is the shooter Black, which was developed by Burnout studio Criterion Games, and it originally launched in 2006 for Xbox (and PlayStation 2).

GameSpot scored Black a 7.4/10 back in 2006. We enjoyed its high-octane action at the time, in particular one scene that must have been inspired by Michael Bay’s The Rock. Black plays on Xbox One through backwards compatibility.

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There are now 56 games in the EA Access Vault. The newest addition before Black was DICE’s excellent military shooter Battlefield: Bad Company, which arrived in December. Black was not added to the similar service for PC, Origin Access. For more, check out GameSpot’s roundup of all the EA/Origin Access games here.

In addition to free games, EA/Origin Access members can play some games (but not all) ahead of launch; most of the time, subscribers get a five-day headstart. Another benefit is that subscribers save 10 percent on all EA digital content, which knocks down the price of a $60 game to $54. The service costs $5/month or $30/year.

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Is Saw 9 In The Works? It Certainly Seems Like It, Thanks To Jigsaw

As it turns out, the Saw movie franchise isn’t as dead as it was once believed to be. Thanks to the success of Jigsaw, it looks like there’s at least one more Saw movie on the way.

The news comes from Bloody Disgusting, which reports that conversations about a ninth installment in the series is currently being discussed by production company Twisted Pictures. Thus far, plans for the film have not moved beyond the conversation stage. However, it’s noted that should these talks come to life as a film, Jigsaw directors Michael and Peter Spierig would not return to helm. It’s worth noting that neither Twisted Pictures nor Lionsgate, the studio behind the film, have confirmed a ninth movie is happening.

What makes the prospect of another Saw movie so valuable, though? On a reported budget of $10 million, Jigsaw went on to gross $102 million worldwide, proving that the series still had life left in it. That’s an impressive feat for a franchise whose chief protagonist, Jigsaw (Tobin Bell) himself, was killed off in the third film.

As for where in the Saw timeline a new film would fit, it’s anybody’s guess. Jigsaw went back in time to a point when the titular killer was alive, which another movie could certainly do. Then again, the end of Jigsaw also sees the killer’s first apprentice surviving the movie’s games. Perhaps a new film could integrate him more deeply into the movie’s universe.

Before any of that can happen, though, the studio and production company will first have to officially decide to make the movie. So cross your fingers, Saw fans.

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New Alien Shooter Coming To Console And PC

A new video game based on the Alien sci-fi series is on the way. FoxNext Games, the video game division of film and TV giant Fox, made the announcement of a new shooter game for PC and console, but that’s basically all we know about it so far.

The untitled game is in development at the San Francisco-based Cold Iron Studios, which was established in 2015 and is now owned by FoxNext. Cold Iron is staffed by people who worked on titles such as Neverwinter, Star Trek Online, City of Heroes, BioShock Infinite, Borderlands, Doom, and Metroid Prime 3. The new Alien game will be Cold Iron’s first title.

Beyond the fact that it is a shooter, FoxNext also said this game will “deliver an action-packed gaming experience.” No other details are available at this time.

While some people who work at Cold Iron have a background in making MMOs like City of Heroes and Star Trek Online, a FoxNext representative declined to say what kind of online elements the new Alien game may have. Whatever the case, Cold Iron CEO Craig Zinkievich teased that the studio’s history of making online worlds “is a precise fit with our product roadmap ahead.”

2014’s Alien: Isolation from UK studio Creative Assembly is the latest installment in the Alien video game series for console and PC. The game sold more than 2 million copies. Creative Assembly talked about ideas for a sequel, but it remains to be seen if that will ever happen.

We will report back with more details on the new Alien shooter as they’re announced. What would you like to see from the game? Let us know in the comments below!

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Nintendo Switch’s New “Experience” Is A Bizarre DIY Game Called Nintendo Labo

Nintendo promised news on a new “experience” for Switch, and it has indeed delivered–albeit with a look at a strange new project called Nintendo Labo. It appears to be a sort of mini-game collection that involves creating real-life cardboard accessories that come with the game.

Details are still scant, but based on the debut trailer, you’ll take part in activities like fishing, playing piano, racing a bike, and wreaking havoc as a giant robot. This is all done by detaching the Joy-Cons from the Switch itself and using cardboard to construct the aforementioned accessories, which take the form of a fishing pole, piano, camera, and so on. Instructions for building these are provided on-screen.

Yes, you literally are purchasing a game and actual cardboard to create what Nintendo calls Toy-Cons. There are two separate bundles that have been announced: the Variety Kit ($70) and Robot Kit ($80). They’ll both be available on April 20 in the US, or April 27 in Europe. International pricing has not been confirmed as of yet.

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The official website for Labo talks about being able to customize your creations by painting them or affixing stickers to them, but more intriguing is a line about “dream[ing] up new ways to use your Toy-Con creations…and bring[ing] them to life.” It’s unclear if there will be a way to create original games in Labo or if Nintendo’s simply talking about waving the accessories around and using your imagination.

Those eager to try Labo out ahead of its launch will have the opportunity to do so in New York City or San Francisco, provided you can make it there and have a child 6-12 years old. You can submit an application to attend here.

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