This Week’s Xbox One Deals With Gold Revealed

Microsoft’s Major Nelson has announced this week’s lineup of Xbox One deals, and while the lineup is not all that extensive, there are some solid offers to be had.

Some of the discounted games include Grand Theft Auto V ($30/£27.50/$50 AU), R.B.I Baseball 17 ($6.60/£5/$10 AU), Cities: Skylines ($30/£24/$40 AU), Lords of the Fallen ($6/£4.50/$9 AU), Sniper: Ghost Warrior 3 ($30/£27.50/$50 AU), and XCOM 2 ($24/£18/$30 AU). Additionally, Ghost Recon: Wildlands‘ Season Pass $24/£22.50/$45 AU) and Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove ($20/£16/$27 AU) are on sale this week.

You can see a complete roundup of this week’s Xbox One deals here on Major Nelson’s blog. All of these deals are good through October 30.

In other news, Xbox Live Gold members can pick more free Xbox One and Xbox 360 games right now through the Games With Gold program. Free games for subscribers right now include Gone Home and The Turing Test for Xbox One, as well as Medal of Honor: Airborne on Xbox 360 (playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibility).

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Ahead Of Wolfenstein 2’s Release, Explore The History Of Wolfenstein

It’s not often thought of in these terms, but Wolfenstein is one of gaming’s oldest active franchises. Its origins go back more than 35 years, when it started out as a rudimentary top-down action game. But it wasn’t until 1992, when Wolfenstein 3D was released, that it truly rose to prominence.

In our latest “History Of” episode, GameSpot’s Jean-Luc explores the entire Wolfenstein series, which–with the upcoming release of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus–now spans more than eight games, depending on how you count them. None of these have been as impactful as Wolfenstein 3D, which effectively established the first-person shooter genre, leveraging experiments with 3D graphics conducted by legendary designer John Carmack. But the contributions of Silas Warner–an early game developer who designed the original Castle Wolfenstein–should not be forgotten, as outlined in the video.

Despite the post-Wolfenstein 3D years seeing the series focus almost exclusively on single-player first-person shooters, there have been some offshoots. Most notably, there’s Wolfenstein RPG (a twist on Wolfenstein 3D) and Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (a free multiplayer spin-off).

Wolfenstein II releases on October 27 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One–it’s just one of multiple big game releases this week. With open, real-world support of Nazis seemingly on the rise, publisher Bethesda has not shied away from the anti-Nazi imagery and message that has long underpinned the entire series. For more, check out our roundup of everything you need to know about Wolfenstein II.

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Oculus Rift Creator’s New Company Is A Military Technology Start Up, And It’s Now Hiring

In one of the stranger career changes from a video game personality, Oculus Rift creator Palmer Luckey is helping lead a new defense company–and it’s now hiring.

Anduril Industries, named after Aragorn’s reforged sword from The Lord of the Rings, is a military technology startup looking to disrupt the defense world. Luckey and the company assert that the defense industry has stagnated, and there’s not enough innovation happening at the moment. So Anduril aims to help develop new technology quickly, focusing on the possibilities of augmented and virtual reality.

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It’s pretty bizarre to see Luckey jump to military tech from a games-focused approach, especially since his time at Oculus produced some distinctly unserious, non-militaristic moments. However, toward the end of his involvement of the company, Luckey courted quite a bit of controversy, such as when he helped fund an anti-Clinton meme campaign. As a result, I’d guess that Anduril probably gives him a way to stay out of the public spotlight.

It’s unclear what, exactly, Anduril is making at the moment, but we do know that it’s full of people from the more militaristic side of Silicon Valley. A couple of former Palantir engineers have come on as CEO and COO, while another Palantir engineer–Trae Stephens–co-founded the company and worked on the Trump administration’s transition team for the Department of Defense. We also know that they’re interested in surveillance technology to be deployed for border defense.

We’ll likely have to wait to see what sort of dystopian military tech Anduril comes up with. In the meantime, you can read more about the company’s philosophy and its goals at its website.

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New Xbox One Games Out This Week

It is a very big week for new releases across the board, and this includes Xbox One. In this post we’re rounding up all the major new releases hitting Microsoft’s console, and there are quite a few.

One of the big new releases is Ubisoft’s highly anticipated Assassin’s Creed Origins. After taking a year off in 2016, the mainline series returns with a game that tells the … origins of the Assassin order. Set in Ancient Egypt, you play as Bayek and can do things like hunt down hippos and ride camels. The combat is also changed significantly, while those who want no combat at all can get that experience in the education-themed Discovery mode.

Origins arrives on October 27, alongside Bethesda’s similarly greatly anticipated shooter sequel Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. A sequel to 2014’s The New Order, The New Colossus tells the story of a Nazi-occupied America. You play as B.J. Blazkowicz who wants nothing more than to rid America of the invaders and restore order.

Other new games out this week include the new Just Dance game, Just Dance 2018, along with Rugby 18, and Rapala Fishing Pro Series. You can see a roundup of all the major new Xbox One releases below, as rounded up and compiled by Microsoft. We should have roundups of the new PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch games soon.

Oh, and Stranger Things Season 2 premieres on October 27. If you can find a way to pause time or create more hours in the day, please let us know.

New Xbox One Releases This Week

October 24

  • Deer Hunter: Reloaded
  • Just Dance 2018
  • The Mummy Demastered
  • Rapala Fishing Pro Series
  • Rugby 18
  • Slayaway Camp: Butcher’s Cut
  • We Sing Pop!

October 25

  • AER: Memories of Old
  • Numantia

October 27

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins
  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

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PUBG: What Questions Do You Have?

Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the biggest games on the planet right now. The Hunger Games-style action game has sold more than 13 million copies and continues to break Steam records for concurrent players and more. Its success is even more notable given that PUBG is an unfinished game, available on Steam Early Access for $30.

GameSpot has an interview with the team around the game coming up this week. We plan to ask about the state of the game, what’s coming up next, the soon-to-launch Xbox One version, and more. But we also want YOU to submit questions. Post them in the comments, and we’ll select some to put directly to the team.

Ask whatever you want, but there is no guarantee that your question will be selected. We’ll choose them based on newsworthiness, originality, humour, and other criteria. Go ahead! We’ll look at questions up until Friday, October 27, so send away!

Our interview, with the select community questions, will run sometime in the next 10 days or so. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest!

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What Question Would You Ask Xbox Games Boss Shannon Loftis? Now’s Your Chance

Shannon Loftis, the General Manager of Xbox Publishing, is coming down to PAX Australia this week in Melbourne. As part of this, GameSpot is sitting down with the 23-year Microsoft veteran to discuss the latest about all things Xbox.

We have our own questions teed up but we want to hear from you as well. In her role, Loftis works with internal and external developers to help bring their titles to Xbox. Post your questions in the comments, and we’ll select some to put directly to her.

Ask whatever you want about Xbox-related topics, but there is no guarantee we’ll select your question. We’ll choose them based on newsworthiness, originality, humour, and other criteria. We’ll look at questions through Wednesday, October 25 Australia time, so send in your burning questions now!

Our interview, with the select community questions, will run sometime in the week ahead. Keep checking back with GameSpot for the latest!

Loftis is a panelist on the PAX Australia panel “Always Here: Women In Games.” She will contribute to the discussion around women in the games industry and what steps can be taken to improve the gender ratio in the games industry.

And for lots more on PAX Australia, be sure to bookmark this page where all of our written and video content from the show will live. The event runs October 27-29 in Melbourne. GameSpot will be reporting live from the show all weekend.

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AMD Driver Boosts PC Performance For Destiny 2, AC Origins, And Wolfenstein 2 Ahead Of Release

In anticipation of this week’s big PC games, AMD launched a new graphics driver that provides optimal performance on systems equipped with Radeon video cards. Crimson ReLive edition 17.10.2 boosts framerate for Destiny 2, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus by sizable margins. The new driver also makes a few quality of life changes and fixes some bugs.

AMD conducted its own internal tests using a PC running an Intel Core i7-7700K at 4.2GHz and 16 GB of RAM. The performance improvements are based on a comparison between driver version 17.10.1 and the new 17.10.2 driver. Both the Radeon RX Vega 56 and Radeon RX 580 video cards were used.

Destiny 2

Using the highest graphics settings preset, Destiny 2 runs up to 43% faster with the RX Vega 56 (52 FPS to 74.6 FPS) and up to 50% faster with an RX 580 (34.7 FPS to 52.2 FPS) at a 1440p resolution. We spent a significant amount of time with the PC version and we covered some of the ways it differs from the console release, including how well it runs.

Assassin’s Creed Origins

For Assassin’s Creed Origins at the highest graphics preset, the RX Vega 56 runs up to 16% faster (44 FPS to 51 FPS) at 1440p, while the RX 580 performs up to 13% faster (45 FPS to 51 FPS) at 1080p. Required and recommended hardware specs for the game were unveiled earlier this month. As far as AMD video cards go, you need at least an R9 270, but an R9 280X (or better) is recommended.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

With the game’s highest graphics preset, Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus gets up to 8% faster performance on an RX Vega 56 (102.8 FPS to 110.7 FPS) and up to 4% faster the RX 580 (74 FPS to 77.3 FPS) using the 1440p resolution. Minimum requirements and recommended PC specs for the game were unveiled recently; you’ll need at least an R9 290, but an RX 470 is suggested.

As for bug fixes, this new driver covers the following issues from previous versions:

  • Radeon Software may not appear in the uninstall options under “Apps and Features” on Windows operating systems after a Radeon Software upgrade.
  • Minor corruption may appear in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds in some game locations when using Ultra graphics settings in game.
  • Radeon Wattman may fail to apply user adjusted voltage values on certain configurations.
  • AMD XConnect Technology enabled system configurations may not be detected when plugged in or connected to a system after being previously unplugged during system sleep or hibernation.
  • Hearts of Iron IV may experience a crash or system hang during some scenario gameplay.
  • Radeon Settings gaming tab may not automatically populate games detected on the users system.

AMD users can find and download the proper driver on the company’s official website. For everything you need to know about the aforementioned games, be sure to read through our extensive coverage on Wolfenstein II, Assassin’s Creed Origins, and Destiny 2.

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