Call Of Duty: WW2 Rewards You For Watching People Open Loot Boxes

The September issue of Game Informer is out now, and it has a big cover story on Call of Duty: WWII. Among the many details included in the story are new details about what you can do is the new social space, Headquarters, and it’s sounds pretty cool (via CharlieIntel).

Headquarters supports up to 48 people at the same time. Players can take part in a lot of activities, but first, here is how Game Informer explains its setup: “Headquarters takes place in a ‘D+3’ zone (three days after D-Day), showing off the launching grounds of major Allied operations. The space is filled with supplies, vehicles, and more. The HQ gives you many options for spending time in between multiplayer rounds.”

In Headquarters, you can open loot boxes that include cosmetic items. Players who watch you open something will earn “prizes” as well, the magazine reported.

Also in Headquarters, you can access The Pit, which is a 1v1 space where you can apparently go head-to-head to test your skills. If you’ve played a multiplayer shooter and gotten the better of someone, you’ve probably been asked to go 1v1 and see what happens then. Apparently, The Pit is a way to give players a means to do that.

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Additionally, Headquarters has proximity-based voice chat, so you can talk to others who are also hanging out in the space between matches. There is also a firing range where you can try out weapons, and the range has targets for multiple difficulties. There are also watermelons in the firing range, because why wouldn’t there be, and you can challenge players to a contest in the firing range.

Here are some other details about Headquarters from game Informer’s story:

  • There are daily and weekly quests you can take on to earn rewards.
  • Players who take part in all the social elements stand to get more supply drops.
  • You can look at leaderboards, check your mail, inspect other players’ attributes, use emotes, check up on Call of Duty news, or watch streams from inside a virtual theatre.
  • You can group up from inside Headquarters and head into multiplayer or zombies as a group.
  • You can “kick a few objects around,” hopefully a soccer ball.
  • You can sit down and watch the 1v1 Pit matches.
  • There will be “dynamic events” in Headquarters, too, one example being an “aerial scramble that drives players to anti-air guns to fend off the base from enemy aircraft.
  • There could be seasonal events in Headquarters.
  • The game’s cosmetic items aim to be authentic and genuine for the time period.

The full Game Informer story is absolutely stacked with so many more details about Call of Duty: WWII, from its campaign, to multiplayer, and Zombies. You can pick it up today.

Call of Duty: WWII launches on November 3 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A beta will be held ahead of launch, starting on August 25 for PS4.

from GameSpot


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