9 Tips For Surviving Zelda’s Trial Of The Sword DLC

Tips to Overcome the Gauntlet

The first DLC for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, called The Master Trials, is out now. It includes a new quest known as The Trial of the Sword, which challenges you to overcome 45 enemy-filled rooms with nothing but the armor and weapons you find within. It’s a rigorous trial, but if you finish it, you unlock the true power of the Master Sword, allowing you to utilize its power at all times without the consequence of it powering down. Click ahead to find 9 tips on how to better your chances at survival.

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Expand Your Inventory Space

If you haven’t made it a point to expand your inventory space yet, you’d best do so now. It helps to have as much open space as possible, as you the more equipment you have on you, the better. Make sure to seek out as many Korok Seeds as you can; the newly added Korok Mask is a useful tool in tracking down those adorable forest spirits.

If you haven’t expanded your inventory before, seek out the giant Korok named Hestu, who’s on the pathway to Kakariko Village. Completing his initial request earns you the ability to upgrade your inventory space. But in order to do so, Hestu asks that you supply him with Korok seeds. These special seeds can only be acquired by finding Koroks hidden in the environment. For example, you can find one hidden beneath a rock on top of one of the Pillars of Levia. When you hand over Korok seeds to Hestu, he’ll upgrade the space of an inventory category of your choice.

Consume Your Best Food Before Going In

While you start the Trial of the Sword completely devoid of all your weapons and items, it’s actually possible to enter with buffs you’ve acquired beforehand. For instance, if you eat food that gives you extra hearts or a boost to your strength before initiating the trial, those attributes will carry over. Make sure to cook your best dishes. We recommend eating cooked Endura Carrots for extra stamina, a cooked Hearty Durian with +20 temporary hearts, as well as either of the two following recipes:

  • 30-Minute Attack Boost: 3x Mighty Banana, 1x Mighty Thistle, & 1x Dragon Horn
  • 30-Minute Defense Boost: 3x Fortified Pumpkin, 1x Armoranth, & 1x Dragon Horn

With these buffs, you should be in good shape to take on the Trial of the Sword’s myriad difficulties and challenges.

Stealth Is Key

It’s essential to utilize stealth whenever possible, especially against archers and higher level enemies. If you sneak up on them, you can use Stealth Strike, which is a devastating attack capable of nearly killing enemies in one blow, regardless of their level of health and defense.

Think Before You Eat

You’ll often encounter food with stat boosts that can aid you, but be smart about what you consume. For example, if you’re near death and you have both a Cooked Razor Shroom and a Cooked Stealth Shroom, opt to eat the latter as its boost to your stealth could better your chances of survival. But if that doesn’t end up working, you’ll at least have the Cooked Razor Shroom’s Defense Boost to rely on when things go south. You always want to be thinking about what food boost is most useful during a given situation, and how you can use it to deal with the most unexpected of emergencies.

Get Rid of Low Level Weapons

Low-level weapons aren’t going to do you much good in Trial of the Sword, but instead of dropping them, consider throwing them at your enemies. Doing so gives you a guaranteed critical blow, which is far more useful than leaving them behind.

Get Your Hands On An Electric Weapon

High-level enemies often have powerful weapons, which are worth getting. But if you see a foe brandishing a Thunderblade, prioritize grabbing it. The weapon’s electrical characteristic makes it incredibly useful, as a single hit from it instantly stuns enemies, making them drop their weapons and shields onto the floor. Make use of this often to snag powerful equipment you can use to increase your chances of success.

Don’t Forget About Your Sheikah Slate

Don’t forget that you also have your trusty Sheikah Slate with you. Remote bombs are a handy way to conserve resources in the earlier floors, as they can easily wipe the floor with the red-class enemies you encounter.

Magnesis is great to break open the metal boxes you find around the levels. And what better way to break them open than bashing them against a Bokoblin’s skull?

Cryonis is only handy on floors with water, but having a way to get out of the water quickly when fighting Lizalfos is a blessing.

Stasis 2.0 is a lifesaver. Freeze opponents in place to buy time to engage with smaller, more annoying enemies or use it against larger foes for a few cheap hits.

Be A Scavenger

Every single resource is precious. To give yourself the best chance of victory, search high and low for every weapon, chest, apple, and slither of hope you can find. Use your bombs to crack open wooden boxes and barrels for extra food, climb trees in search of eggs, check your surroundings for chests and extra weapons, and make sure you recover missed arrows. Take your time and be thorough in your search of every floor.

Use Your Environment

You may be stuck in underground rooms, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the world to your advantage. For instance, those annoying fire chuchus setting everything ablaze can come in handy for impromptu cooking, as you can always drop some raw ingredients into a burning bush if you’re desperate for hearts. It helps to understand and use your environment to your advantage. Get creative! You’ve got to do everything it takes to succeed.

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