E3 2017: The 17 Most-Read Stories

We put up a a lot of content at GameSpot, but nothing comes close to E3. It’s not an exaggeration to say that a month’s worth of news, videos, and previews go up in the space of a single week. But, during that daunting deluge of content, what rises to the top? We dug through the numbers of the last week to find the top 17 most-read stories on the site.

And there are some definite surprises in this list. While I expected an Xbox One X announcement to be our top story, Microsoft’s new console was actually beaten out by a game preview!

Despite the overall lack of interest we typically see from VR content, Bethesda pushed through the noise with a Fallout 4 VR announcement.

And, at least among GameSpot’s readers, Super Mario Odyssey was not the number one Nintendo story.

Click through to read the full list, and get caught up on the most popular pieces of content. And if video is more your style, we also have a list of the 14 most-watched videos on the site. And for even more E3 wrap-up content, you can re-live the actual event by catching up on all the news from the press conference; checking out our list of all the new games announced at E3; and reading series of features analyzing the highs, lows, and biggest games of the show.

17) PS4 Days Gone Trailer Showcases Stealth And Zombies

The PS4-exclusive Days Gone showed off it first gameplay look at E3 last year, but that didn’t seem to quell interest in this new story about a trailer focused on the game’s.

16) Destiny 2 Beta Date Confirmed, PC Version Coming Later

The headline might say it all, but this story about Destiny 2’s beta showed that there’s continued interest in the franchise. As much as the comments love to hate Destiny, there are obviously a lot of readers who still unabashedly support the game.

15) Where To Preorder Xbox One X

While this one about preordering an Xbox One X wasn’t directly related to E3, the story did see a huge spike in interest around the show. While preorders haven’t quite started yet, it seems like content that people are still keeping an eye on.

14) Here’s How Xbox One X Improves Crackdown 3

Details around Crackdown 3 were scarce, so it’s not surprising that people would dig into any detail for more info, like this about story about how Xbox One X will improve Crackdown 3.

13) PS4 Boss Explains Why Sony Won’t Do Cross-Play With Xbox

While Rocket League and Minecraft were both pushing the boundaries of console cross-play the PS4 boss’s explanation for why Sony won’t do cross-play with Xbox was more than a little disappointing.

12) Xbox Boss Reiterates That Console Wars Aren’t Productive

As if Microsoft’s push for cross-platform play didn’t make it clear enough, Xbox boss Phil Spencer reiterated that console wars aren’t productive.

11) Fallout 4 VR Officially Revealed, Coming This Year

Long-rumored and now finally reveled, Fallout 4 VR is official and coming in 2017. But will this be enough to finally push VR into the mainstream?

10) Need For Speed Payback Supports Xbox Scorpio/PS4 Pro, But Don’t Expect Switch Version

The headline nearly says it all, but this was a story about how Xbox One X/PS4 Pro support for Need For Speed Payback was confirmed, but that a Switch version was unlikely.

9) $800 Assassin’s Creed Origins Special Edition Unveiled

People like to read about special editions, particularly when they involve an $800 price tag.

8) Dragon Ball FighterZ Second Gameplay Video Is Even More Epic Than The First

Dragon Ball FighterZ was one of those games at E3 that only got more popular with each successive clip that released. This second clip was, apparently, even better than the first tease. If you want to compare them, here’s the first.

7) Metroid Prime 4 Announced for Nintendo Switch

Nothing is known about the Switch version of this Metroid Prime sequel outside of the fact that it’s been a very, very long time coming.

6) BioWare’s Anthem Confirmed For PS4, Xbox One, PC; Release Date Set For 2018

It may not be Knights of the Old Republic, but when you put BioWare’s name on a new multi-platform game, people get excited.

5) Far Cry 5 Gameplay Video Descends Into Absolute Chaos

Far Cry 5 is going into some very tricky political territory, but the latest gameplay video descends into chaos (in a good way).

4) Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer Showcases Massive Bosses, Combat

This new Kingdom Hearts info was actually posted out following a symphony concert in LA (where they played Kingdom Hearts music, but this was the only look Square provided around the show floor times.

3) PSN “Best Of E3” Sale Begins, Lots Of PS4 Games On Sale

Who doesn’t love a sale? Especially when it’s focused on games related to E3!

2) Xbox One X Scorpio Release Date Revealed

While lots of new details came out in a very short time about the Xbox One X (including the name of the system), it was this story about the system’s release date that rose above the other hardware stories.

1) We Played Star Wars Battlefront 2’s Single-Player Campaign

With the wide-array of stories, it’s a little surprising that the top one is for a preview of an previously announced game, but it’s impossible to overestimate the power of Star Wars. The most-requested feature in Star Wars: Battlefront was a single-player campaign, so this is EA’s chance to redeem itself.

from GameSpot https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/e3-2017-the-17-most-read-stories/2900-1316/


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