E3 2017: It Would Cost $1820 To Buy Every Ubisoft Special Edition Announced This Week

So Many Special Editions

Assassin’s Creed: Origins and Far Cry 5 are two of the biggest games at E3 2017, and they’re shaping up to be exciting open-world adventures. Assassin’s Creed looks to be a return to form for the series, while Far Cry 5 takes the franchise to a new, American locale.

But alongside footage and information, Ubisoft has also revealed a ton of special editions for these two games. We thought it’d be interesting (read: ridiculous) to see how much it would cost to buy them all, so we added them all up. We include the standard editions, since the preorder bonuses technically make them limited, as well.

To be clear, this is a completely bonkers idea, and it is absolutely fiscally irresponsible–the more expensive editions generally include the content from the lower ones. You should not buy all of these editions. But it’s nonetheless funny to see just how many of them there are, and how much money it would cost to have them all.

Far Cry 5 Standard Edition With Preorder Bonus: $60

The Doomsday Prepper Pack includes prepper outfit, gun and vehicle skins, plus additional consumables.

Total: $60

Far Cry 5 Deluxe Edition: $70

The Deluxe Pack includes .44 Magnum with unique skin, AR-C assault rifle with unique skin, Ace Pilot gun skin, Ace Pilot helicopter, Aerial Force outfit, Big Game Hunter bow, Big Game Hunter ATV, and Big Game Hunter outfit.

Total: $130

Far Cry 5 Gold Edition: $90

The Gold Edition includes the Deluxe Pack, the season pass, and the Day One MBP Sniper Rifle.

Total: $220

Far Cry 5 Hope County Edition: $180

The Hope County Edition includes the Deluxe Pack, the Premium Collector’s Box, a Steelbook case, Gold Edition content, the season pass, the original soundtrack, a Hope County map, and a Hope County Deer Skull trophy.

Total: $400

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Standard Edition: $60

The preorder bonus for Assassin’s Creed: Origins is the Secrets of the First Pyramids mission.

Total: $460

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Deluxe Edition: $70

The Deluxe Edition includes the Ambush at Sea naval mission and the Desert Cobra Pack, which features the Eye of Apep staff, the Legendary Snake Shield, the Desert Cobra Outfit, the Fangs Horse Companion, the Fang Sickle Sword, and three ability points.

Total: $530

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Gold Edition: $100

The Gold Edition includes the Deluxe Edition content and the Season Pass.

Total: $630

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Steelbook Gold Edition: $110

The Steelbook Gold Edition includes the Deluxe Edition content, the Season Pass, and a Steelbook case.

Total: $740

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Gods Collector’s Edition: $120

The Gods Collector’s Edition includes an art book, a copy of the game’s soundtrack, a 10-inch figurine of the game’s main character Bayek, a physical copy of the game’s map, and the Deluxe Edition content. It does not include the season pass.

Total: $860

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Dawn of the Creed Collector’s Edition: $160

The Dawn of the Creed Collector’s Edition includes everything in the Steelbook Gold Edition plus art cards, an art book, the official soundtrack, Bayek’s Eagle Amulet, and a 15-inch Bayek statuette.

Total: $1020

Assassin’s Creed: Origins Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition: $800

The Dawn of the Creed Legendary Edition includes the Steelbook Gold Edition, a 28.7-inch statue of main character Bayek, a world map, four lithographs, the soundtrack, an artbook, art cards, and an eagle amulet.

Grand Total: $1820

from GameSpot https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/e3-2017-it-would-cost-1820-to-buy-every-ubisoft-sp/2900-1300/


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