15 Original Streaming Comedy Series You Need To Check Out

We live in an amazing time for television. There are a lot of great shows to binge, and it keeps getting better. We’re also seeing a growing market in streaming subscription services, delivering award-winning entertainment.

Every genre under the sun is represented on services like Netflix, Amazon Video, and more but where these services seem to be doing exceptionally well is in comedy. We have plenty of recommendations to keep you glued to your couch from here to eternity, presented to you in alphabetical order.

Bajillion Dollar Properties (Seeso)

You may not be familiar with Seeso, but it is a comedy streaming service full of original programming that’s downright hilarious. Bajillion Dollar Properties is one of the streaming service’s biggest draws. The faux reality show follows a real estate company, where employees are competing to become partner by selling the most over-priced homes. If you’ve ever watched one of the many real estate reality shows on television, this is a perfect satire of them.

Bojack Horseman (Netflix)

One of the more successful Netflix original series is the animated comedy Bojack Horseman. Will Arnett voices the titular character, a ’90s television star who happens to be a horse. The actor is out of work now and living in Hollywood. Bojack has its fourth season coming to Netflix in 2017. This series is definitely not for kids.

The Grand Tour (Amazon)

Fans may have been bummed to see the hosts of Top Gear part ways with the BBC, but Amazon gave them an exceptionally similar show on their service, and it’s called The Grand Tour. The show is packaged as an informational series about cars; however, the banter between the three hosts, along with segments like “Celebrity Brain Crash,” where a celebrity dies on the way to being interviewed, are hilarious and worth checking out, even if you’re not a automobile enthusiast.

HarmonQuest (Seeso)

Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) invites his friends from the world of comedy to play Dungeons and Dragons with him in front of a live studio audience. Because looking at a group of people playing D&D would be relatively boring, their adventures are animated. Even if you’ve never played a fantasy roleplaying game before, HarmonQuest is a good time and provides a ton of laughs.

Hidden America (Seeso)

Much like Bajillion Dollar Properties, Hidden America is a comedic take on the travel series. Host Jonah Ray takes viewers across the country, exploring famous cities and their cultures. The only difference is that everyone he’s interviewing is fake, whether it be the owner of a Fraser-themed restaurant or Salem Witch Trial reenactors.

Lady Dynamite (Netflix)

Maria Bamford stars as herself in Lady Dynamite on Netflix. The series revolves around Bamford’s life as a comedian, and it’s bizarre, hilarious, and one of the most underrated original series on the streaming service. The first season–made up of 12 episodes–is available now with a second season coming this year. If this is up your alley, Bamford has numerous stand-up specials on Netflix well worth your time.

Master of None (Netflix)

Aziz Ansari stars in Master of None. The show follows Dev, an actor in his early 30s, trying to succeed in his career, find love, and live his life in New York City. Both of Ansari’s real-life parents (Fatima and Shoukath Ansari) play Dev’s parents on the show, and Shoukath steals every scene he is in, especially in the episode when Dev visits him at his work in the hospital. Season 2 was just released, so there is more than enough for you to binge.

The Mindy Project (Hulu)

The Mindy Project may have started on Fox, but Hulu picked up the series for Seasons 4, 5, and 6–which will be the final one. The show follows Mindy Lahiri (Mindy Kaling), who is an OB/GYN in a small practice, surrounded by interesting coworkers. While the show may seem like your typical network comedy, it has a fantastic writing team making the show genuinely funny.

My Brother, My Brother and Me (Seeso)

The Seeso series My Brother, My Brother, and Me is based on the podcast of the same name. Three brothers take questions and offer up advice to the audience. During one episode, they were asked about secret societies and went on the hunt in their hometown for them. What they found was either nothing or a founding father and fictional speedster. Season 1 was released in February and worth watching at least three or four times.

Mystery Science Theater 3000 (Netflix)

MST3K is back, and this time, it’s on Netflix. The new season stars Jonah Ray who is trapped on the Satellite of Love and forced to watch bad movies by evil scientists. Luckily, he’s got some robot friends to keep him company. If you’re unfamiliar with the show, it’s just people making fun of bad movies, something we all do, except this show is a whole lot wittier and funnier than you and your friends are. For a more in-depth discussion of the new season, check out our review of the first episode here.

Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

Orange is the New Black is one of the series–along with House of Cards–that put Netflix on the map, in terms of original programming. The show follows Piper Chapman (Taylor Schilling), a woman sentenced to prison for transporting money to her drug dealer girlfriend a decade prior. Four seasons are currently available on Netflix, with a fifth debuting on June 9.

Red Oaks (Amazon)

Set during the ’80s, Red Oaks follows a college student named David (Craig Roberts) who teaches tennis at a country club between his sophomore and junior years. The show continues the ’80s comedy genre that may look dated but certainly doesn’t feel it. It’s a comedic look at the decade that doesn’t rely on the times to push the jokes forward.

The Tick (Amazon)

The comic book turned beloved animated series The Tick found new life on Amazon last year. The show follows the nigh-invulnerable superhero on his quest to save the city from villains. During Amazon’s pilot season, a single episode of the show aired, which showed an incredible amount of potential. It hit a lot of the notes of the original Fox animated series, and this August, The Tick will get a full first season. If you’re interested in the new show, you can check out our review of the pilot here.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

The delightful and hilarious Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt follows the titular character (played by Ellie Kemper) on her adventures in New York City. The kicker is that she was raised in a doomsday cult and has never experienced the real world. The audience gets to see a lot of Kimmy’s firsts, like getting an apartment and finding a job. It’s a lot of fun, and Kimmy’s roomate–Titus Andromedon–tends to steal the show. The third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuts on May 19.

W/ Bob & David (Netflix)

Finally, Bob Odenkirk and David Cross join forces once again for a sketch comedy series, but this time, it’s on Netflix. While the show has a different title, it feels like a continuation of HBO’s Mr. Show, which was way ahead of its time. Currently, there hasn’t been any news of a second season, and the first one only consists of four episodes. However, you’ll find yourself watching and rewatching it until we hopefully get Season 2.

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