Nintendo issues DMCA takedown against Kickstarter for NES photobook

It’s been quite the week for the Digital Millenium Copyright Act, as Nintendo issues a copyright takedown against a Kickstarter campaign for an NES-themed photobook. …

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League Of Legends “Hacker” Avoids Jail Sentence

League Of Legends "Hacker" Avoids Jail Sentence

A 23 year-old Australian man has avoided a prison term over his role in a series of hacks targeting League of Legends and its player database.

The ABC reports that Shane Stephen Duffy, while found not to have been directly involved in the original 2011 hacks themselves (which contradicts earlier claims that he had been), has been found guilty of a range of offences related to them, including:

  • Operating a business which sold the account details of hacked players (he made 194 transactions which earned him AUD$32,000).
  • Hacking the Twitter account of Marc Merrill, president of League’s developer Riot Games.
  • Sending “threatening emails” to Riot Games.

While an Australian court found him guilty and sentenced him to two-and-a-half-years in prison (with a further 18-month suspended sentence), he was immediately allowed out on parole.

Duffy has been diagnosed with autism, and had been been home schooled since the fourth grade (his mother was “fearful of having him medicated”). Because of this, his defence lawyer argued “he was unable to comprehend the consequences of his actions”, and that “he is an offender who has less moral culpability.”

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The Pros And Cons of Halo 5’s New Firefight Mode


Microsoft’s big 7GB free update to Halo 5 yesterday gave the game a new PvE mode called Warzone Firefight. You can watch a full match in the video above. Initial impressions: mixed, leaning positive. There’s pros and cons.

You join up to seven other players for what will hopefully be five rounds of escalating action. Enemy waves drop in. You have a timer and a goal of which enemies to take out.

On the pro side, the game’s signature REQ system works nicely. It works in Firefight the same way it does in the game’s PvP Warzone mode. As you do well and as your team does well, you rank up in REQ level. At any moment during the match, you can go to a REQ terminal in the map and play any REQ cards that are are equal to or lesser in value than your rank.

So, for example, once I was REQ level five during the match in the video, I played a three-point card and was able to spawn in with this vehicle:

The Pros And Cons of Halo 5's New Firefight Mode

You collect cards by playing matches, by leveling up in the metagame and even just as a result of various Microsoft promotions. They even let you spend money on packs of random cards, but, really, if you’ve had the game and haven’t touched it in a while, you’ll find that you have a ton of free packs to open. I hadn’t touched the game in months, and this was what was awaiting me last night:


The con is that, because the maps are scaled to allow for vehicle combat, they feel really empty when the Firefight mission starts. In the first couple of rounds, most players won’t be able to spawn any vehicles, so you can’t get around that quickly. Enemies will still drop in, though, and you need to clear them out before the round’s timer expires. The problem is that sometimes the enemies drop really far away, and so you spend a lot of travel time getting to them.

That said, the progression of this kind of combat in the early rounds…

The Pros And Cons of Halo 5's New Firefight Mode

…to this kind of combat in the later rounds…

The Pros And Cons of Halo 5's New Firefight Mode

…is pretty cool. I’ll be playing at least a little more Firefight to get more of that.

It might be possible to cut down on the slow parts of the early Firefight rounds if it turns out that enemies spawn in predictable locations. The slow start to Firefight matches could also be ameliorated by an extension of the late round action. Five rounds feels a bit short. Maybe they’ll extend that at some point.

Halo 5 is free right now on Xbox One, so if this intrigues you, give it a shot. Open your REQ packs before you start playing.

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Huge Amazon Prime Sale Date Announced, Will Have More Stock Than Last Year

The Steam Summer Sale might be on everyone’s mind right now, but it’s not the only huge sale happening this season. Amazon Prime Day, the online retailer’s huge summer sale that it claimed last year was bigger than Black Friday, is coming back for a second year.

In a press release posted on its website, the retail giant announced the upcoming sale and shared some details about what people can expect from it. It’ll take place on July 12 and will discount a variety of items, including electronics and video games. Just like last year, you need to be a subscriber of Amazon Prime to take advantage of the deals. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can get a free trial of the service here.


Although Amazon states that 2015’s Prime Day was the biggest online event in its history, it was heavily criticized for poor deals and limited stock. As a result, VP of Amazon Prime Greg Greeley explained in a statement that the company is increasing the quantity of items that are going on sale, specifically televisions.

“Following last year’s record sales, we have dramatically increased the inventory behind many deals,” he said. “In fact, in the U.S. we have nearly doubled the TV units compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. Even with this massive selection we know many of the Prime Day offers will sell out, so members should download the Amazon shopping app to receive notifications on their favorite deals.”

Additionally, Amazon announced that there are special incentives for owners of its line of smart speakers (the Echo, Echo Dot, or Tap). It has not specified what these will entail. The retailer will also hold a competition through Prime Music on Prime Day. If you listen to a song on a selected playlist through the Prime Music app, you’ll be entered to possibly win a trip to one of several concerts.

If you live in the U.S., U.K., Spain, Japan, Italy, Germany, France, Canada, Belgium, or Austria, you’ll be able to take advantage of Prime Day deals.

Amazon Prime is $99 a year, and includes free two-day shipping, access to Prime Music and Video, and preorder discounts on video games.

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