New Pokemon Go Beta Footage Emerges, Watch It Here

Someone in the Australian Pokemon Go beta testing program has uploaded some footage from the highly anticipated upcoming free-to-play mobile game. The clip below shows off about 10 minutes of footage, covering the character creation process and actual gameplay. Take a look:

This is the second time this week that Pokemon Go footage has emerged. The first video has since been pulled down, and the same could happen for this one. Watch it now while you can (via DualShockers).

A free-to-play game supported by microtransactions, Pokemon Go is set to launch in full later this year. The Pokemon Go field test debuted in Japan and was recently expanded to Australia and New Zealand. The beta will come to other countries, potentially the United States and Europe, at a later

Pokemon Go builds off Niantic’s work on the similar, location-based real-world/video game hybrid Ingress. It’s part of what Niantic is calling its “Real World” gaming platform, which aims to motivate players to go outdoors and explore the real world.

What do you make of this footage? Let us know in the comments below!

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Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Lord Disco’s Argument FOR Miitomo

Today’s selection of articles from Kotaku’s reader-run community: Lord Disco’s Argument FOR Miitomo The Summer of the JRPG Manga Reviews: Nisekoi Vol. 14, Your Lie in April Vol. 7

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Next Splatoon Amiibo Revealed, Here’s When They Arrive

Nintendo announced today that new Splatoon Amiibo figures are coming out this summer. These toys, squid sisters Callie and Marie, will be released at retailers on July 8, Nintendo said on Twitter.

The company also released a promotional video for them, which shows off their in-game dance moves, among other things; check it out below.

Callie and Marie will be available together in a $25 bundle, or individually for $13 each. Additionally, new color variants for Inkling Girl, Inkling Boy, and Inkling Squid will be available on July 8 (via IGN).

Nintendo this week announced that it shipped 24.7 million Amiibo figures worldwide and another 28.9 million Amiibo cards in the past year, bringing the total number of Amiibo shipments to 53.6 million.

The company also described the Link, Pikachu, and Zelda Amiibo figures as “evergreen” in the US.

As for Splatoon, it’s sold more than 4 million copies, becoming one of Nintendo’s best-selling Wii U games.

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Halo 5’s Next Free Update Detailed, Includes Weapon Balance Changes and More

343 Industries has shared new details about Memories of Reach, Halo 5‘s next free update. In the developer’s latest weekly update, 343 started off by saying Memories of Reach won’t be out until the week after next, meaning sometime the week of May 9. “We’ll continue to keep you updated on specific timing as we get closer to release and all final work is completed, tested, and ready to go out the door,” it said.

One of the biggest draws of Memories of Reach is the new Infection mode. According to 343, it’s now receiving “final tweaks and polish,” and is nearly finished. The developer also shared some specifics about the mode and how it plays. Here are the details, written by 343:

  • Total player count: 12
  • Number of rounds: 4
  • Round time limit: 3 minutes each
  • New Custom Game option: “Last Squad Standing”
  • Spartans have all Spartan abilities
  • Infected have Thrust, Smart Scope, Stabilize

There will be 18 medals to collect in Infection, including things like Zombie Hunter, Zombie Slayer, and Hell’s Janitor, among others. You can see images of all of these medals here on Halo Waypoint.

Also in the blog post, 343 shared a preview image of the Memories of Reach Req lineup. As you can see, a new Arena map called Stasis is coming to Halo 5 with the update, along with the aforementioned Infection mode. The Brute Plasma pistol is also on the way, as well as new weapon skins and armor. The full Req lineup will be announced sometime next week; check back soon for more.


The Memories of Reach update also includes new functionality for the Forge mode. 343 released a cryptic animated GIF that showcases what’s coming; check it out below.


Additionally, Halo 5’s Memories of Reach update will introduce Req weapon balance changes with the aim of bringing their effectiveness “closer in line” for both Warzone and Arena. More than a dozen weapon variants are being changed “to have a more appropriate effectiveness.”

Some examples include the Plasma Caster’s cluster grenades becoming more effective, while the charge shot will have less arc. The Hydra Launcher, meanwhile, will see its recoil reduced and rocket splash damage radius increased. Many more weapons are having their effectiveness altered with the Memories of Reach update, and for those interested, this blog post dives deep into what’s changing and why.

Memories of Reach also includes new advanced controller options, changes to the UI, and additional matchmaking preference options.

The update will be Halo 5’s sixth fifth free expansion following the game’s launch in October 2015. The others were The Battle of Shadow and Light (November), Cartographer’s Gift (December), Infinity’s Armor (January), Hammer Storm (February), and Ghosts of Meridian (April). This monthly streak came to an end with Ghosts of Meridian, as it came out in April, missing March.

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Last Chance to Play Gears of War 4 Beta

If you’ve been playing the Gears of War 4 beta, then you only have until tomorrow, May 1, before it’s taken offline.

The multiplayer has been available to all Xbox Live Gold members since April 25; before that, there was an “early access” period that ran from April 18-24 for people who played Gears of War: Ultimate Edition before April 11.

Players who reach level 20 in the beta will receive a vintage Kait character skin and emblem, vintage weapon skins, and a unique bounty card that offers double XP for one match. The rewards will be granted when Gears of War 4 launches this year.

Additionally, everyone who plays the beta will receive a free Dodgeball avatar shirt. Dodgeball is a new mode in Gears of War 4 that has two teams of five players facing off against each other in an elimination-style deathmatch. You can see it in action for yourself right here.

Gears of War 4 releases for Xbox One on October 11. The game features Marcus Fenix’s son, JD, in the starring role. The story trailer features Marcus, JD, and a cover of “The Sound of Silence” by Disturbed singer David Draiman.


You can check out more of GameSpot’s coverage of Gears of War 4’s multiplayer through the links below:

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